Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet Hide and Seek

As I mentioned in my first post here, I have two cats; brothers named Hide and Seek. I'd like for you to get to know them, so here are the introductions!

Hide is a gray tabby. His favorite activities are sleeping, pouncing on Seek, attacking anything that moves, and tearing anything tear-able to shreds. He has a fabulously loud purr!

Seek is a gray-and-white tuxedo. He loves sleeping, chasing the laser, wrestling with Hide (usually after Hide has pounced on him), and staring out the window. He also has a wonderful purr, but it's much quieter than Hide's. Seek is very talkative!

I got Hide and Seek as four-month-old kittens. I started out fostering them, but quickly fell in love. These two are rescue cats. A woman (Sarah) living in a townhouse neighborhood discovered that a neighbor had abandoned their cat. The neighbor put the cat out in their shed (!) when they discovered that she was pregnant. They stopped providing any food and/or veterinary care. (How can humans be so horrible?) When Sarah realized that the mama cat was foraging in neighborhood trash cans to feed her kittens--and that she was teaching her kittens to forage in the garbage, too--she (Sarah) started putting out cat food for them. Sarah wasn't able to take the mother & babies into her own home, as she already had two cats and a dog. To be sure that they found loving homes, Sarah sent out an email to her coworkers. The email was forwarded to a friend of my sister Kara's, who forwarded it to Kara, who in turn forwarded it to me. I immediately arranged to take the kittens. (Sarah had managed to find a home for the mama cat by the time I contacted her.)

Less than a week later, I brought the two tiny, frightened kittens into my home. They were terrified and skittish. It took them several days to get confident enough to let me see them. A few days after that, they would let me pet them, and even pick them up sometimes! With the help of the SPCA of Northern Virginia and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, I got Hide and Seek examined, vaccinated, tested, and neutered. The rest is, as they say, history!

How did you meet your furry friend(s)? How many do you have?

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