Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady?

You'll notice that I call myself a "cat lady" in this blog. I want to talk about Cat Lady-ism briefly. First, yes--I'm crazy about cats (I'm actually crazy about all animals, but cats in particular). However, I am NOT a cat hoarder, and I don't approve of hoarding cats. In fact, I believe that cat hoarding is bad for the cats and humans involved. It is a sickness and needs serious treatment. If you know anyone who hoards cats, please try to get them help! Here's some info on pet hoarding, the psychology behind it, and how to help.

So, I am a crazy cat lady, but I'm not a cat hoarder!


  1. Kate, you bring up an interesting point. Do you think most people equate crazy cat ladies with cat hoarders? I'd never thought about it before.

  2. Hi Tamar,

    I definitely think there's a stereotype about crazy cat ladies. Even though the vast majority of cat-owners (cat-owned?) aren't hoarders, the ones who get publicity are the people who are. It's not universal, but there's definitely a stigma against crazy cat lady-ism.